About Renee


I am a mom, a wife, and spray tan artist. I became obsessed with sunless tanning after I had children and realized I didn’t have time to lay out and tan. Sunless technology has come leaps and bounds in the last decade and I have dedicated my company to this incredible service.

I truly believe in the power of a spray tan. Not only is it safe & good to your skin, but the affect is tremendous, like liquid confidence! I care about each body I work on, I strive to bring you and incredible healthy tan in a comfortable environment.

I have carefully chosen the best of the best tanning formula available. It gives me total control over the color and base of each tan I do. Your skin tone is unique and your tanning solution will be chosen after every skin consultation and conversation about preferences.

I am passionate about sunless tanning and sun protection. Skin cancer is a leading killer in young women. Not only are we protecting ourselves by staying out of the tanning beds, but our skin is glowing and healthy with this advanced sunless technology.


Renee Avalos

Owner of Rock N’ Tans

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I'm passionate

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